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I am using facebook to sharing information, photo, interest with my friends, family and partners. What is the usage of Twitter for me? I started to try using Twitter as one more tool for sharing information. For three months, I logged on to facebook and twitter everyday and sharing different information using the two media. And I came up with the following conclusion for Twitter:

1. Twitter is open – User is free to follow any user they want. Even I am not the friend with someone, I can follow his/her shared information; scan his tweet and information.

2. Twitter is real time – 140 characters only. It is faster than any media and newspaper. It is real time news from first person news. You can see how powerful this media for news broadcasting in this example of a person tweeting message of a plane crash.

Now I am sharing my realtime news by my mobile, retweeting useful message from my following, searching realtime news/technology in world. Any new idea for using twitter, let share with me.