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Internet continues to evolve at a rapid pace. To stay ahead of your competitors, you should adopt suitable Internet marketing campaigns from time to time. Our Internet marketing services include, but not limited to mini-site development, interactive game, online contest, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), social media networking email communications and many more.

We cover a full range of online marketing activities along the customer’s journey. Our approach combines short-term results with long term objectives, allowing our campaigns to drive conversion now while establishing an on-going relationship with potential customers. Below are the highlights of our Internet marketing services:

Website Development

As the number of Internet users is increasing tremendously everyday, website is in no doubt the most powerful marketing platform in today’s world. At Lokomotive, we do not only create websites that look appealing, we also take into consideration all the factors to ensure your website can attain the best possible return of investment (ROI).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At Lokomotive, we do not only help your website to establish a high ranking organic listing, we also provide on-going monitoring service to maintain and improve your ranking to ensure consistent level of SEO.

We conduct a thorough analysis of the proposed website content: domain name, URL, navigation, page content and keywords to ensure the relevance of the page content to the search. The search engine optimization programme is an in depth interrogation of the website and the search engine optimization (SEO) opportunities relevant to our clients online brand strategy. Once the SEO audit is complete we work closely with our clients to establish the optimum level of SEO activity.

Online Advertising

Nowadays, a lot of marketing budget has shifted to online advertising as Internet has become the medium that reaches the largest number of audiences. Also, companies are willing to spend more money on Internet advertising as it offers the best ROI. However, that is only true if company knows where to place their ads and how to effectively allocate their budget.

At Lokomotive, we do not only offer banner advertisement or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, we offer one-stop service for your online advertising campaign. We start with a consultation to discuss your business and the goals you want to achieve and provide guidance on initial budget. Then we research and help you to choose relevant keywords, set a monthly budget and continue to refine the budget allocation for better ROI. We also create enticing ads that customers will want to click which target to your local, regional or worldwide market.

Our Internet marketing consultant selects the most suitable websites for your advertisements. Partners with hundreds of quality portals and major search engines, we are able to connect our clients to millions of targeted users with a better ROI than other companies in the market.

Lokomotive’s online advertising management reports provide detailed information on the number of clicks and leads generated by your campaign, the top performing ads and keywords searched by the users. With our reports, you will receive valuable information about your potential customers that helps you to build your marketing strategy.


Personalized customer relationship management is a crucial factor for company’s business development. By analyzing integrated data gathered through user’s purchase history and online behavior, you can learn more about your customers. Lokomotive’s eCRM solution combines our email marketing system with advanced data analysis to provide professional services in the areas of strategy, best practices, creative services and technology to create predictable success.

Social Media Networking

Social media has become one of the most powerful and cost-effective methods for reaching mass audience. Lokomotive specializes in building social media websites and leverage popular social media platforms such as MSN, Facebook, Twitter and many more to help our clients reach their target audience and connect with them on a personal and unique manner.

All of our internet marketing consultants are very familiar with social media. They have knowledge of how they all work and the best ways to use each of them properly. We are continuously keeping up-to-date with the emerging markets online, so we know exactly where is best for you to feature and where we should spend time and efforts promoting your brands and company online with the use of new media.

We understood that Swire Travel wanted to expand its market penetration of Leisure & Inbound travel. Hence, we created a multiple gateway for its website to target for users of corporate travel, leisure travel as well as inbound travel.
To enhance TCL’s image as an international high-tech brand, Lokomotive built a 3-D virtual animated TCL town to promote its branding via the online platform.
We helped Polyvision to develop and execute its email campaigns with Lokomotive’s e-newsletter system.